About Me

I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. I took every class offered on creative writing from high school to grad school. I eventually graduated with a BFA in creative writing and a Masters in Teaching English.

Second only to my love of writing my own stories was reading. I always always had a book in my hand. I lived, ate, and breathed L. J Smith, Christopher Pike, and R.L Stine as a teenager. When I ran out of young adult books (really slim pickings back then), I reluctantly crossed to the grown up side of the store and discovered fantasy. Then suddenly, something amazing happened. This story about a kid-wizard with a weird scar was published and suddenly my beloved genre sprang back to life better than ever.

One day, after I’d finished college, married my high school sweetheart, and started a family, a preview for Clash of the Titans came on. “Damn the Gods,” it said. Well that got me thinking about the god that had been most damned. Persephone. The movie itself was so boring that I emerged from the theater with a fully plotted novel. Two years later, Persephone was published.

I still read everything I get my hands on, and I still take every opportunity to learn more about the art of writing. I absolutely love my job and am thrilled beyond belief to have achieved my dream of becoming a full time writer. So go ahead, ask me about my novel.

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