The Snowflake Method Master Post


Over the last few weeks, I’ve been writing about each step of the Snowflake Method, with examples of how I’ve used it in my own work. I’m really excited about drafting this way, and it’s been very helpful with Aphrodite book 3.

Here’s all the posts I’ve written on the topic. But first…

Check out The Snowflake Method Website. Read about the method from the man who created it, Randy Ingermanson, himself. A much more concise guide.

And if you have Scrivener, check out these templates built with the snowflake method in mind.

Here’s a few great articles on the snowflake method as well.

Now for my blogs on each step.

Step 1– Write a one sentence summary of your book.

Step 2– Expand that sentence to a paragraph

Step 3– Write a one page summary of each character

Step 4– Expand each sentence in your one paragraph summary to one page

Step 5– Write the synopsis from the POV of each character.

Step 6– Expand each paragraph from your one page summary to a page

Step 7– Create full fledged character charts detailing each character’s arc over the story.

Step 8– Make a spreadsheet outline of each scene based on your four page summary

Step 9– Write a narrative summary of each scene

Step 10– Write that good book.


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