Short Stories:

Siren Song

A short story in which a widow contemplates the existence of Sirens.



Appeared in Penumbra Magazine. December 2012. Volume 2, Issue 3. Musa Publishing


A free holiday read offered by Musa Publishing for the 12 days of Christmas

Kaitlin Bevis. December 2012. Musa Publishing


Appeared in Illuminata. April 2011. Volume 9, issue 2. Tyrannosaurus Press.


Appeared in Illuminata. January 2011. Volume 9, issue 1. Tyrannosaurus Press.

Appeared in Illuminata, October 2010. Volume 8, issue 4. Tyrannosaurus Press.


Toddler Town Columnist.  Athens Parent Magazine from July 2010-2012

Truu Advice Columnist

Featured Weekly on Truu Confessions from March 2011-2015

“An Indignant Plea.”

Appeared in The Athens Banner Herald, June 30 2010.


The Daughters of Zeus Series.

The Persephone Trilogy

The Aphrodite Trilogy

Blood and Other Matter (Release Date TBD)

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  2. Is there any chance of getting more books about Persephone and Hades? Maybe from Hades perspective? LOVE this duo!!

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