Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!



Moms deserve more than a day. Remember to call your mom this weekend and do something special. If you are a mom, take it easy and make wonderful memories (after you call your mom and do something special).

For those of you missing your mother this mothers day, do something happy that makes you think of her.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Book Signing


Remember to wear green!


Now that we’ve got that out of the way, come join me tomorrow at the Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta, Georgia for a book signing at 2:00 PM!

Here’s the address:

5531 Roswell Road NE
Atlanta,GA 30342
Phone: 404-255-5207

And you can find more information on their website. http://www.phoenixanddragon.com/index.html



Friday the 13th


It’s Friday the 13th! For you superstitious types, that means that bad luck is coming your way!

For those that aren’t superstitious, tonight would be great night to watch horror movies. Here’s a few of my favorites. If you can’t tell from the list, I don’t watch a lot of horror. I hate slasher films, and if it doesn’t have a decent plot, I’m gone. Plus I don’t like being scared that often. I have to be in a very specific mood for scary movies. None of the classics are on here because I have no appreciation for the genre. Sorry.


Tucker and Dale VS Evil

It’s scary AND funny. Watch it, you won’t regret it.


The Ring

I remember watching this one with a friend in high school. We even watched the extra feature, which was the video that’s supposed to kill you. Seconds after the screen went blank, my fricken phone rang! We screamed and hid behind the couch.



I watched this one with my husband back on one of our first dates. I know the concept isn’t that original, but it was the first like it I’d seen, so it’s in my top five.



I don’t even know if this counts as horror, but I really love this movie.


Paranormal Activity

Pick one. They’re scary as all get out.



And my Friday the 13th pick from last year was the undeniably creepy, Babadook

What are you planning to watch tonight? Got any great movies to add to the list? I could use a recommendation.

Play God Day


Today is play god day! Yes, that’s really a thing. Play god day is a day for you to go that extra mile to make the world a better place. It’s a day that really calls on you to be the change you want to see. It asks if you could change anything about the world, what would you change. Got an idea? Great, now what’s your first step. This works really well with things like “end world hunger,” because there are options for an individual to help with that cause, it works less well with changes like have it always rain the perfect amount for every climate zone between the hours of two and five AM  so there are no more rainy days, so choose wisely.

I’m going to try to make the world a little nicer by going out with my daughter and doing some random acts of kindness. How are you going to play god today?