WHOLanta 2017 Banner, Dr. Who, Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Camille Coduri, Jamie Mathieson, Atlanta, Convention, Timegate

I’m so excited to be attending WHOLanta this year! Below is my schedule for panels (subject to change), and I will be signing books between panels. Come find me if you’re attending.


6:00 Dunwoody 1: Traditional Publishing VS Indie Publishing


10:00 AM: Dunwoody 2: Disney/Pixar

12:00 PM: Dunwoody 1: American YA Lit

5:00 PM: Dunwoody 2: Characters you love to hate and hate to love

6:00 PM: Dunwoody 1: Genre Blending

7:00 PM: Dunwoody 2: 20 Years of Buffy


10:00 AM: Dunwoody 2:  Live Action Disney

3:00 PM: Peachtree: Why I Stayed, Sexism in Dr. Who