Adventures of Hercules Master Post


I’m going through all my series posts and rounding them up into master posts. When I’m done, I’ll put links in at the bottom of my page so it’s easy to find the whole series on a topic.

Here’s what I’ve written on Hercules.

The birth of a hero— In this post I talk about the politics of Olympus when Hercules was born.

Young Hercules— In this post I talk about Hercules’s adventures as a youth.

The legendary labors of Hercules (the stuff he was really famous for) are outlined in these four posts. One. Two. Three. Four.

Hercules also went on a few miscellaneous adventures as an adult, not related to the famous labors. I talk about those here.

In this last post about Hercules, I talk about his ascension, love life, and death.