For Real Friday: Jealous, Crazy Women

I changed my mind, I am going to do a for real Friday this week. We’ll finish up the Psyche myth next week.

So the jealous/Crazy women thing. I don’t mean the issue is women who are jealous. I mean the insane way that society bends over backward to label the reasons behind a woman’s actions as jealously. Seriously. Psyche’s sisters go to see their prophetically doomed sister in a creepy abandoned castle that talks and has the ability to possess inanimate objects and make them dance and learn that their youngest sister has never seen their husband. This freaks them out.

They must be jealous.

I mean, really? Attributing a woman’s actions to irrational feelings instead of you know, really apparent reasons, is a major issue women still face. We have to be calm, cool, and collected full time because if we seem even a little upset when we make the point that you know, maybe our sister should be concerned about the possessed silverware, we’re seen as being “crazy.”

Crazy is a problem. And its used to invalidate and silence women every day. This idea has permeated every inch of our culture and in all seriousness, it needs to stop.