Top Ten Tuesday

From Broke and Bookish:

This week is fictional crushes: Warning, I’m very very weird

1) Darien from Sailor Moon: Not technically a book but I loved this man for many many years. Like really loved him. I cried every time he died, and wanted to be Sailor Moon more than anything else in the whole wide world for an embarrassingly long time.


2) Julien from Forbidden Games: He sounded hot and was sad and stuff


3) Triskal from This Present Darkness: Yes, I had a crush on an angel, but to be fair I read this book very very young and I feel bad for people who get beat up


4) Legolas from Lord of the Rings: The movie may have had something do do with this


5) Raistlin from Dragonlance: I’d probably hate him in real life, but whatever



6) Damon from the Vampire Diaries: I like bad boys, what can I saw. By the way, this was WAY before the series, but this actor does him justice


7) Hades from Persephone: What, I’m not allowed to fall for my own character?


8) Jacob from Twilight: There! I said it. It’s more the actor than… You know what’s really sad, he was playing shark boy my senior year of high school. I just have to keep reminding myself of that. I’m not used to being to old for someone!


9) Angel from Buffy


10) Miguel from Eldorado. I don’t know… I don’t know…


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