Top 10 Tuesday: Scary Stories

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve read a scary book. I just realized that. I used to love scary stories, what happened?

Consequently, my scary stories are a bit dated

1) Scary Stories to tell in the Dark by Allen Scwartz

Anyone remember these? They were awesome! They had a billion of them. (more scary stories, even MORE scary stories, ect). My friends and I would buy them and read them out loud to each other at sleep overs

2) The Witch’s Sister Series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Still one of the scariest book series’ I’ve ever read.

3) The Dollhouse Murders by Betty Ren Wright- really creepy story about a doll house thats inhabitants move around at night reenacting a murder/

4) Sweet Miss Honeywell’s Revenge- Another creepy doll house story

5) Anything from R.L Stine’s Fear Street

6) The Sweet Valley Thrillers series by Francine Pascal

7) The House with the Clock in its Walls by John Bellair- OMG, I forgot about this one but it was SOOOO good. Creepy, but good

8) The Oath, by Frank Pereti. Christian horror about a dragon that kills you if you sin. Laugh if you must but we had the audio book, and I still remember when we were driving through the moutains on a long road trip down a dark winding road, listening as this dragon hunted down its prey… on a dark winding road in the mountains. Traumatizing. Absolutely traumatizing. Actually, anything by Frank Peretti

9) Anything by Christopher Pike

10) The Forbidden Doors series by Bill Myers.

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