Mythology Monday: Halloween

When people talk about mythology, they act like it’s something ancient. Something that already happened. We are constantly creating myths in our own culture today. Some elements occur over and over and over again, like the myth of Superman. It’s kind of similar to Hercules, Gilgamesh, Odysseus, take your pick. That’s all myths are, stories. There may be some basis in truth, but for the most part, they’re just fun to tell.

Halloween has a mythology all of its own. Every ghost story, campfire tale, and urban legend is better when it’s told in the dark of the night on Halloween. So let’s tell some scary stories, shall we? Leave your scary story in the comments, and the creepiest one will get a spooky surprise.

Here’s the scariest story I ever heard: (note: I didn’t come up with this, I heard it as a kid)

So there’s this girl, and she’s home alone. She lives in a big house and it has one of those glass sliding door. As she’s passing through the living room, she catches a glimpse of someone in her back yard. It’s a creepy looking man holding a butcher knife. She freaks and runs up stairs, locks her door, and calls the police. The come, but the man is long gone.

“You’re very lucky miss,” the policeman tells her. “The man you described is an escaped killer. Now, where did you say you saw him again?”

She stands in front of the sliding glass door and points to where she saw him in the back yard.

The policeman exchanges a look with his partner. “See, here’s the thing, the soil out there is still wet from this afternoons downpour, and there’s no foot prints.”

The girl gets defensive, “you don’t believe me?” she asks.

“Oh we believe you saw him, just not there.”

“Where was he then.”

The officer motions for her to look out into the back yard again, and shifts positions. Suddenly his reflection is visible in the sliding glass door.

“Right behind you.”

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