Top 10 Tuesdays

Today, instead of following the Broke and the Bookish’s lead and posting the top ten books/authors I’m grateful for, I’m posting the top ten things I’m thankful for. I never got started on the Facebook thing because this month was so crazy, and this is my way of making up for that. So here goes:

1) My daughter. I’m so lucky that she’s happy and healthy. It could be taken away in an instant. Earlier this month, a toddler in my city was outside playing with his friends at daycare and was struck by a falling tree branch. He’s been in the hospital fighting for his life ever since. He’s doing much better now, but there still evaluating his brain damage and trying to figure out what the rest of his life will be like. He was lucky, and I’m grateful for that, but it just shows how fast everything can change. My daughter was playing outside at her preschool that day in the same city. It could happen just like that. So I’m going to treasure every single moment of my daughters life. Even if nothing crazy happens, she’s only three once.

2) My family. My daughter is a treasure, my husband has been incredibly supportive during this hectic month, my mom has done SO much for us, and every other member of my family has really come through for me. Thank you all. I wish I could see you all for thanksgiving.

3) Our health. Yeah, okay so I’ve had what feels like a never ending cold for months now (I do get better, then I catch it again) but it could be so much worse than the sniffles. We’re so lucky compared to most.

4) Our relative wealth. It’s really hard to keep perspective sometimes, because we’re not doing that great this month. My husband just started a new job so we’re in that gap between paychecks, I’m still in school, and random things keep happening (broken microwave, need car maintenance, you know how it is, when it rains, it pours) but hey, I own a microwave and a car. I can eat every day, and I’ve got a roof over my head. It could be worse.

5) My friends. I have amazing friends.

6) My writers group. Yes, technically friends, but they deserve a second mention. I have an amazing writers group. My books would be nowhere near as good without their feedback, and where else could I find a group willing to slog through three drafts of multiple books in a series and be consistent in their criticism. Seriously, they’re awesome.

7) The Morgans. Triple mention for these friends in my writers group. Stephen and Meagan Morgan have been with me through the entire application process to UGA’s PhD program, kicking my but in gear to study for the GRE Subject test in English Language and Literature, reading and critiquing multiple drafts of my statement of intent, critical writing sample and resume. We’re going to get in guys, and it’s going to be awesome.

8) The staff at Musa publishing. My book has been selling and my second book comes out next month. My editor has been tireless and extremely patient with my hundreds of emails. I couldn’t ask for a better team.

9) My mentor teachers at the school I’m student teaching at. I couldn’t have gotten through the last month without them.

10) Good books. It’s free therapy when you do silly things, like finish up finals and do a unit plan in the same month your edits are due, while applying to a PhD program, writing a third book, holding down another job, adjusting to my husbands new work schedule and parenting a three year old at the same time.

There’s more. Much much much more than could ever fit in this blog

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