Top Ten Tuesdays: Santa please

My wish list for Santa Clause

1) Daughter of the earth and sky by me. I’m working with the cover artist now and waiting on copy edits. I’m so excited 🙂 just hoping it all goes off without a hitch 🙂

2) The Death Cure by James Dashner

3 Ever After by Kim Harrison

4) Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

5) running out of books to wish for! So moving on to shows and movies: hey, they have plot lines, character development and stuff. Shows are good.

The walking dead season 3 season pass. I don’t have cable. Instead I pay $7 bucks a month for Hulu and $7 for netflicks and keep my student amazon prime up and running. So I watch lots of TV but a few shows don’t make it to those sources. So we have iTunes. I have a whole list of season passes I want

6) Doctor Who season 7 part 2

7) Dexter season 7

8) Brave. I want my daughter to have all the Disney princess movies but Disney has a limited iTunes collection

9) Finding nemo.

10) a babysitter and tickets to Breaking Dawn. Lol. I haven’t seen it yet but I’d really like to

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