Thursday Review: Mark of Athena


I was planning on doing the Maze runner series today but then I realized I had somehow missed this one!

I love Rick Riordin. I made myself wait until I completely finished Persephone and had an outline of the series complete before I let myself read Percy Jackson, just in case it was too similar. It was worth the wait. The first few books in the series were alright, but It really picked up in the middle then just kept going.

I was nervous about the new series. I didn’t care about Jason, I liked the old camp, and I didn’t think anything could top the epic battle that ended the original series

I was wrong. The Lost Hero, the Son of Neptune and the mark of Athena have been fantastic. I love the new characters, it’s fantastic to see them all together (finally!). It was really great getting to finally experience Annabeth’s point of view.

I really love these books but they are also the few young adult books that make me feel too old for YA. Every time things start to get heavy, some extremely silly thing happens (monsters chasing Percy with cheese balls?). But I’m not then intended audience, middle grade boys are. Riordin balances the needs of his actual audience with telling a great story really well.

I can’t wait for the next one to come out. Sadly, it’s going to be a long wait.

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