Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 ways to spend the holiday

Here are my top holiday traditions 🙂

1) presents. I love getting present but having a little one makes opening presents extra fun! She just get so happy!

2) hot chocolate, a fire, and a good family friendly movie. I love spending time with my little family

3) the elf on the shelf. We’ve had so much fun hunting for “Tinsel” every morning.

4) Christmas lights. I’ve always loved Christmas lights but my daughter is fascinated. We have this house in our neighborhood that went all out. She gets so excited every time we drive by

5) Good food. I love Christmas Eve dinner, cinnamon rolls for breakfast and leftover day on Christmas. The food is just SO good.

6) Christmas crafts. It’s fun to make presents from Bella.

7) Caroling. It’s like glee come to life 🙂

8) Playing in the snow. It snowed on Christmas last year. Can’t promise it’ll be a tradition here in Georgia, but it set the bar high.

9) Christmas specials. Every show does one and all the old classics come on too, it’s very nostalgic

10) visiting Santa. Bella just takes the cutest pictures with Santa Clause.

Those are my favorite Christmas traditions. What are yours?

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