Top Ten Tuesday: Resolutions!

Instead of doing the top ten books to read in 2013, I’m doing my New Years resolutions 🙂

1) Spend more time with Bella. It’s been a busy year in grad school and I just haven’t been making her as big of a priority as I should. She’s only going to be this little once and I don’t want to waste it.

2) Be a better wife. On the same token, it’s been a really busy year and home wise I haven’t been very present. Brandon’s done most of the cooking, cleaning, and parenting while holding down two jobs. I owe him, major.

3) Finish my masters. One more semester! Just got to make it through.

4) Lose some weight. Yeah, always

5) Finish book 3 and 4

6) make good financial decisions.

7) take better care of myself all round.

8) be a better teacher.

9) do nice things daily

10) Be present. A lot of times even when I’m home and not writing, I’m staring at the screen of my phone, zoned out, or watching tv, or reading a book. I need to be here when I’m home.

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