Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Today’s top ten topics are top ten bookish goals for 2013.


1) Keep up with readings for school. I’m finishing up my last semester of my masters degree and this semester it’s full time student teaching plus a class, so I’ll have academic readings for school and I’ll need to re-read what the kids are reading, plus I’ll need to read what the kids are writing!

2) Read a fun book every other week. Whether it’s young adult, fantasy or any other genre, I just don’t want to stop reading for fun. Sometimes the school reading kind of swallows my love for reading and I don’t want that to happen.

3) Read a classic on the alternate weeks. This will cross over with book one quite a bit. I read a lot of classics last year while prepping for the GRE Lit test, and while I still don’t love reading them as much as I love reading regular books, I appreciate the regular books more now. I make connections in books and movies that I didn’t before, even though as an English major, I’d read most of those books before. The classics are classic for a reason and I want to keep that knowledge fresh.

4) Read to my daughter every day. I was pretty good about this up until really recently. I should read to her daily.

5) Family reading. Again, this is something we did a lot for most of the year that we’ve fallen away from as our schedule picks up. I read books out loud to my husband and daughter every night before bed. It was fun, and now my husband knows what I’m talking about when I start chatting about my favorite books.


6) Work in the Persephone universe every day. I’ve got a ton more books to write there and I need to get to work!

7) Work on something else a little every day. Doesn’t matter what.

8) Try to write a short story every month. I’d really like to get into a few anthologies.

9) Keep up with this blog.

10) Keep up with my school writing. I have a big portfolio due at the end of the semester…

Theres my ten purely bookish goals for 2013. Let’s see how I do.

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