Thursday Review: Power in the Blood


Hollywood movie star Lawton Fletcher has come to tiny Warrendale, Georgia, with plans to buy the entire town. Instead, when attorney Tammi Randall and her friend Mitch Griffeth arrive to keep an appointment with Fletcher, they find him shot to death. To the police, the obvious culprit is Freddy Meadows, a local man known to be violent. Tammi is less than impressed by the unappealing Meadows, but believing he is innocent, she agrees to represent him on behalf of the Legal Aid Society. Investigating Fletcher’s background for other possible suspects, Tammi travels to the fleshpots of Los Angeles and New Orleans, but the clues she finds lead her back to Georgia. There, the young lawyer and her friends uncover corruption among government officials and an ever-widening list of suspects, including Warrendale’s police chief, the sheriff, the county commissioner, a Dixie Mafia king-pin, a Satan-worshiping teenager, and a migrant worker. Is the handsome young Warrendale heir among them? She very much hopes not. Tammi desperately needs to find the one among them who actually killed Lawton Fletcher–and learn whether it’s the same person making death threats to her.

My thoughts:

A very entertaining read with a mystery that kept me guessing. The book was also unexpectedly funny. I’m not used to so much humor popping up in mysteries, but it really worked. I found myself laughing out loud in a lot of places. There was a character who did impressions that, handled by any other author, would have been too much, but Wyrick made it work. The title had me worrying there would be major religious overtones (nothing against religious overtones, just started more than one book that had a great plot devolve into a long sermon) but that really wasn’t a factor. Great read.

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