The winner of the supernatural summer contest (for my blog anyway) was Diamond. She left the following comment:

Great post. You really got me thinking.

My favorite paranormal protagonist is Lestat from The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. I think I have a lot Lestat would be envious of. He’d be envious of my mortality; that I can and will die at any moment of my life, making me cherish my life more. He’d be envious of the relationships I’ve had (romantic wise) because since he’s consumed by blood lust he doesn’t have any other lust or desire, and he misses that (he says so in the books).
Reading about Lestat’s glamorous yet lonely immortal existence is really fun…but I no longer literally wish I was an immortal. The burden and grief is too great. Anne’s books have taught me that lesson. Or maybe, since I’ve grown up reading her books I taught myself simply by witnessing my change of opinion within a 10 year span.

Dee @ Dee’s Reads

Thank you all for commenting and keep checking my blog for more giveaways 🙂

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