Mythology Monday: New Years


Did you know the New Year’s baby is an Ancient Greek thing? At the festival of Dionysus/Bacchus, a baby would be paraded around in a basket as a symbol of rebirth. There was lots of partying, plenty of drinking, and an overall good time to be had.

New Years hasn’t changed much. People forget, I think, that mythology can be a very modern thing. It’s still happening. Take New Year’s Eve as an example. It’s a ritual. A really fun, very positive, happy ritual. 😀 Now a days ini Greece, families turn off all the lights and reopen them to “enter the year with a new light”. After the fireworks show, they cut serve a New Year’s cake that has one coin baked into it that symbolizes luck to whoever gets it.

On New Year’s many people….

1) Go to parties
2) Make a wish at midnight.
3) Drink champaign
4) Believe that when the clock strikes twelve you get a clean slate
5) Set a goal for your future
6) Make a list of everything bad that happened in the last year and burn it
7) Count down and watch a giant ball, peach, or other large object drop or fireworks
8) Kiss that special someone
9) Believe that whatever you are doing at midnight is what you will be doing all year
10) Eat twelve grapes
11) Sing “Auld Lang Syne”
12) Reflect on the last year

What’s your mythology? Comment below with your New Year tradition 🙂

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