Mythology Monday Guest Post: Triton AM by Yelle Hughes

Hi Kaitlin, thanks for inviting me.

My name is Yelle Hughes and I write books that pertain to Greek Mythology. It doesn’t matter what genre. I’ve written historical fiction, science fiction and romance…all with GM mixed in. My Aegean Chronicles series, based on what I call the younger gods of the Olympic Pantheon, are the main characters, Triton, Eros and Zephyrus.

I grew up reading classical mythology and I tried to stick as close to their stories as I can. Except, I add a little twist here and there. Instead of a dolphin tail, Triton has the tail of a killer whale. Instead of being the god of love, Eros quick his job and went on to train under his father, Ares and became 2nd in command for the immortals military force. Zephyrus, who is older than all the Olympic deities, is the lead commander of that same military.

For those that are familiar, several Greek gods are present in my book. Zeus, Hecate, Poseidon, Amphytrite, Aphrodite and so on. But, the main focus in on Taz, Erok and Zeke (I gave them nicknames because it’s easier to type and it gives them more a modern flair) and their lives today. I have added an additional friend George and his story will be the forth. He is a mystery right now, but people will find out who he is later on.

They all have the power and attitudes of the original classics, some learned humility, some have not. I was fun writing about the gods who thought man should still worship them.

I tried to describe in detail, what it is like to be in Greece and all the beautiful areas I actually visited during my trip there, a few years ago.

It’s been great to talk about my love for mythology and if any of you want to discuss more, you can visit my website at and drop me a message or you can find me on Goodreads:

καλή σας μέρα (Have a nice day)


3 thoughts on “Mythology Monday Guest Post: Triton AM by Yelle Hughes

  1. Thank you so much! I’m really glad to see more people get involved and telling the story of this fascinating genre.

  2. Reblogged this on yellehughes and commented:
    I was given the opportunity to discuss Greek Mythology (my favorite subject) with the wonderful Kaitlin Bevis! Check it out and if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to comment

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