Spring Has Returned


Today is the first day of spring, and in my universe, Persephone’s birthday. In the original myth, it’s the day she returns from the depths of the Underworld to rejoin her mother in the living realm. All in all, a fitting day to share my good news.  🙂

Persephone is coming back.

The Persephone trilogy has been picked up by Belle Bridge Publishing. As always, the trilogy will be available in e-copy and audio formats, but for the first time ever, Persephone will be available in print. I don’t have a specific date yet, but I’ve been assured the publication date won’t be very far out.

I’m really excited to be a part of Belle Bridge because I’ve been a major fan of their books for a long time, especially Parker Blue’s Bite Me series and Marilee Brother’s Moonstone series.

I’ll post more news as I get it, but I’m really excited about this 🙂  Thank you guys all so much for your patience and for your advice and for all your support when Musa went under. You have no idea what your emails and tweets and comments meant to me. You guys are amazing.

Stay tuned for exact dates and all that fun stuff. You’ll all get news as I hear it

5 thoughts on “Spring Has Returned

  1. Prints! *squeal hysterically*
    This news totally made my days 👍 congratulations! I’m so looking forward to the day I can finally hold the books in my hand now!

  2. I am so glad! I bought Persephone before Musa went under and only recently read it and I adored it. (I seriously can’t stop thinking about it.) I was all set to buy and read the next two when I found out they were not buyable. I’ve been going through withdrawals like crazy because I don’t know what happens next! The moment these are available for purchase, I’ll be throwing money at them. 🙂 Please keep us posted!

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