Way Back Wednesday: The Fates

Variations of the triple goddess and the fates abound through popular culture and were all over the place when I was growing up. On Monday, I explained why I chose to make Moirae a schizophrenic woman who embodies all three fates instead of three distinct individuals. But the following groups of three may give you a better idea of what those three voices sound like.


The sisters three from Macbeth popped up a few times in the Gargoyles cartoon. Always creepy and awesome, there was something about their time onscreen that gave me chills.


Yet another series by L.J Smith that I owe a debt of gratitude for. The Nightworld was a great series and within it, there were circles of witches that had positions for the mother, maiden, and crone. These three powerful women never acted as POV characters but the were always on the periphery.

Disney’s Hercules

Definitely the grossest version of the Fates out there. The three sisters sharing one eye thing was taken to a literal and gross level.

Can you think of any examples of the triple goddesses or Fates I may have missed?

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