For Real Fridays: Be Careful What You Consume

Sometimes the fears that make their way into our stories aren’t all that subtle. Take the magical food or drinks that make the consumers feel wonderful but have severe consequences trope. There’s not a lot of hidden meaning there, it’s pretty much out in the open. Poison is a thing. It’s been used to kill people, but the trope is never about murder. The people don’t die. Not at first.

It’s about losing yourself. Trapping yourself. Becoming addicted. Finding yourself somehow changed by this thing you unknowingly or naively consumed. There are more than a few substances in this world that can produce euphoria upon consumption and regret the next day. Be careful taking them. It’s not worth falling down that rabbit hole.

And should you find yourself at a strange revelry, banquet, or you know, just a regular old party, watch your drinks. Be careful what you take or what you eat. Just be careful out there. There’s truth in stories. And sometimes that kernel of truth is a lot scarier than fiction.

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