Way Back Wednesday: Fizzled Flames

Contrary to popular belief, amicable exes can be a thing. So can exes who don’t mean anything to each other anymore. Even without some horrible offense having ended the relationship. So some shout outs to a few YA geared books and movies showing that you can have an ex without having unresolved feelings for them. Even if they didn’t cheat or dump you in some kind of horrific way. Amicable exes are a thing. And their existence doesn’t make the next relationship less valuable.

Inu Yasha did a decent job with this, kind of? It’s complicated with all the reincarnation. In Yasha still cares about his ex, but nothing seems to indicate he’s still in love with her. They just don’t (always) want each other dead. But since both the love interests are kind of the same person, not exactly, but sort of….you know, it’s really complicated

Harry Potter dated Cho Chang for a short while, they broke up, and he eventually ended up with Ginny without a drop of negative narrative toward Cho or unfair comparisons for Ginny.

Song of the Lioness also handles exes well. I’m not going to give details for fear of spoilers. Just…go read everything by Tamora Pierce. Everything. You won’t regret it.

Dr. Who Rose and Micky had a pretty amicable break up, I mean there was angst, but never much tension.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer With the exception of one major ship, people moved on when they moved on.

Legend of Korra Though there is angst, no relationship devalues another.

Can you think of any other books or shows that handle exes well?

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