Mythology Monday: Fall


We hear a lot about Persephone and the division of winter and spring, but did you know there were a handful of myths and deities dedicated to fall?

The obvious would be Demeter. She was larger than a single season, but Fall was definitely her hay day (see what I did there?). The fall harvest was filled with Demeter rituals and celebrations.

Phthinoporon was the daughter of Helios and Selene and represented the season of Fall. She was also one of the twelve Horae (hours).

Karpo was another goddess of autumn, though sources differ on whether or not she was an actual goddess in her own right or one of Demeter’s many names. She was also listed as an attendant to Persephone. Robert Graves said she was the goddess of withering, but mostly she was considered a goddess of autumn, ripening, and harvesting. She also guarded the way to Mount Olympus with the help of friendly clouds.

Euros was one of the gods of wind, like Boreas. Only instead of heralding winter, he heralded autumn.

So there you have it. Some other Greek myths and figures involving fall. Enjoy the season!

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