For Real Friday: Fall


On Wednesday I asked you what your favorite things about fall were. Let me divulge a few of mine. In no particular order…

  1. Halloween– It’s a day you get to dress up and eat candy. What’s not to love?
  2. The weather– It’s not boiling hot. It’s not freezing cold. It’s not overly humid. It’s perfect. This happens twice a year, fall and spring, but it’s still super exciting every time after months of hot or cold weather. It’s great camping weather, great being outside weather, great outdoor fire weather. It’s great everything weather.
  3. The food– I’m not just talking about pumpkin flavored everything, though that’s awesome too. In fall, it’s not temperature related suicide to have hot cocoa, or soup, or chilli, or pot pies or roasts or any of the other warm, savory things. Warm foods kind of just have to be tolerated during the heat of the summer, but in fall, they can be savored.
  4. The colors– Yes, the leaves are gorgeous, but so are the advertisements. Oranges, reds, and browns get an impressive amount of play this season, which is great, because they’re warm, happy colors that you just don’t see used that often.
  5. The smell– Maybe it’s because the air is cool and moist (here). Maybe it’s because the leaves are rotting. Maybe it’s because of all the people enjoying their fireplaces or outdoor fires. But you just can’t beat the way fall smells.
  6. The texture– From the weather, to the fruits in season, to the leaves on the sidewalk, everything about fall is crisp and crunchy. There’s something really refreshing about it.
  7. The death– Everything I hate is dead or dying but it’s still comfortable for humans outside. Bye-bye biting insects. Bye-bye rag weed. I won’t miss you.
  8. Thanksgiving– A low expectation holiday that’s all about giving thanks and hanging with family. Compared to the wonderful chaos of Christmas, there’s something great about Thanksgiving.
  9. Entertainment– All the shows come back, my favorite authors release books, more movies come to theaters. Fall is great for entertainment.
  10. The clothes– It’s jeans and t-shirt weather. Bring a comfy sweater and you’ll be set for whatever the day may bring. Clothes are so much more comfortable in the fall.

I’ll go back to the standard myth format Monday. I hope you have a great season.

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