Way Back Wednesday: Vampires

Vampires are not even a little bit of a new trend. Here were a few of my favorite vampire stories, in no particular order, from when I was younger.

The Vampire Diaries
and Night World by L.J Smith

It’s not like the T.V show at all, or like the new books in the series, and they don’t age well given how fast YA changed between now and when
they were written, but you have to understand, every YA supernatural writer owes a major debt of gratitude to L.J Smith, R.L Stine, Christopher Pike and any other pre-Harry Potter YA writer. They paved the way for what became the supernatural genre of YA. Harry Potter slammed it in place, but there was a foundation there. 

That being said, The Last Vampire by Christopher Pike isn’t making this list because it’s been over a decade and I’m still pissed about that ending.
The Silver Kiss by Anette Curtis Klause

I still randomly remember things from this book.It was a stand alone novel, a really, really good stand alone novel, that kept the creepiness of vampires, added a hint of romance, and did not end at all how I expected. This author also wrote Blood and Chocolate, which was a really good werewolf book that got turned into a movie that had literally nothing to do with the book.

Anything by Anne Rice

I mean, come on. She was kind of the game changer in vampire fiction.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I have so many memories of watching this show. They did such a good job. I mean, even shows today don’t top it. When it comes on T.V, which is pretty much all the time, I’m watching it.
The Lost Boys

This is one of those movies I should have seen a lot earlier than late high school given when it came
ut, but didn’t. When my husband and I were dating he showed me Lost Boys and I loved it. I mean sure, it’s cliche, but it’s an 80’s movie. I remember being shocked at how young the kid brother in it looked (what’s that? They actually cast children, not 30 year olds pretending to be 12?) and being somewhat surprised that all the vampires were bad. Like, becoming a vampire would be a bad thing no matter what. That was a relatively new concept for me given that most the vampires I had experience with were hot, tortured souls who’d make perfect boyfriends

What were your favorite vampire books and movies growing up?

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