Way Back Wednesday: Werewolves

I was never as into werewolves as I was into vampires. But here are three favorites that made my list.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Who doesn’t love Oz?

Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause

Don’t watch the movie. Seriously, don’t watch the movie. Treat it like the producers treated the book. Pretend it doesn’t exist and ignore everything about it. This book is an early YA that dealt with a young, female werewolf. Her father used to be the alpha, but he was killed, and now the pack is restless and violent and falling in disarray without leadership. The book does a great job dealing with all the conflicting emotions of the protagonist Vivian. She of course longs for a normal life as all teen supernaturals do, but the wishing for normal is well balanced.

Bitten by Kelly Armstrong

Definitely written for an adult audience, this book features the only female werewolf (in that universe), Elena Michaels. She’s got a dark past and an attitude and everything about this author/book/series is amazing. She’s pretty much my favorite author. She’s got some other great werewolves as the series goes on, but this is the only one that predates my writing.  The T.V series isn’t bad, the first season actually kind of rocked, but I hate some of the choices they made second season.

And of course, an honorable mention. Twilight was published after my books were drafted, so I try to stay away from blogging too much about books that came out near or after my publication. There’s too much tension about authors reviewing other author books right now that it’s pretty rare for me to feature one. But come on. You can’t talk about werewolves without talking about Jacob, no matter what you think of his character.

So those are some of my favorite werewolves growing up. Got any favorites that didn’t make the list?

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