Some (Temporary) Changes

Photo on 11-16-15 at 4.59 PM

So I’ve run into a problem with my blog format.

I’m out of myths.

I don’t mean I’ve retold every myth that’s ever been, but I have caught up to the myths I’ve used in the Persephone trilogy and the first Aphrodite book (twice). Going further into the myths behind the next two books opens up a world of spoilers, but not even in a fun way since you’ll be missing the context for the spoilers in the next book.

So Mythology Monday is going on hiatus for a while, at least until Aphrodite is released (I should have a date soon. I’m actually waiting on a phone call from my editor to clarify a few details in about thirty minutes.)

But for the meantime, I can’t just not blog. That’s no fun.  I was thinking maybe set up a temporary schedule of Writing Wednesdays, where I talk about what I learned at YA Lit Fest (YALLFEST) and writer’s group and occasionally throw in some of my WIP drafts. I haven’t decided how to approach Monday and Friday yet, but I’m brainstorming some ideas. Maybe mythology Monday could continue with guest blogs? I’d love to hear some of your favorite myths. I’ve been toying with the idea of fairy tale Friday, where  I overanalyze my daughter’s recent disney obsession. I don’t know. But I’m open to suggestions 🙂 What would you like to read about?

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