Movie Monday: Homeward Bound


Homeward Bound is one of those movies I watched over and over and over again as a child. And now, because karma is real, I watch it over and over and over again with my child. But hey, there are worse movies. I still kind of love Homeward Bound.

I’m not going to do a long summary of homeward bound, both because the premise is pretty simple, and I’m afraid if I get to typing I might discover that I can actually reproduce the whole movie verbatim.

So here’s my attempt at brevity:

Chance, Shadow, and Sassy (2 dogs, 1 cat) are left with a friend of the families during their human’s temporary move, they’re not content to be left behind. They escape the farm and take off on a dangerous journey across the Sierra Mountains to reunite with their loved ones. Along the way, they run into all kinds of problems, but are ultimately successful in finding their way home.

Great movie. Love it. Love the soundtrack, love the scenery, love the characters, love everything about it, except for something I never realized until I was an adult.

A temporary move.

The Seaver family, comprised of three children, one wife, and one newly married into the family husband, move at some point shortly before the school year begins and return by Thanksgiving because the brand new husband has a vey temporary job in San Fransisco, which is incidentally within reasonable enough driving distance from their home to visit on weekends.

Why? Why would you do that to three school aged children? It wasn’t even an entire semester? The oldest is in High School! It’s not a small deal to entirely move schools during a single semester. What good does coming back just in time for Thanksgiving break to end and finals to begin do? If it was a year, I’d understand, but it was just the I’d say it was for the experience of living in a new place but it wasn’t like they moved far, and again they could have visited on weekends.

Did I mention that they literally made this move the day they got married? The balloons and Chance’s digestive issue prove it was literally the same day. The kids seem to have a great relationship with Bob and all, but way to leave them zero time to process that there’s this huge and permanent change in their family before driving all night to leave their beloved animals that they clearly use as coping mechanisms with a near stranger.

Also, They wouldn’t even go inside this lady’s house. They’re leaving their animals with her for five months and they won’t even go inside for a few minutes to socialize. That’s how thoughtless/bad at planning these people are. It’s either thoughtless (as in they just didn’t think about the massive favor she was doing wit them and consider that maybe taking her out to dinner or something would be polite) or bad at planning because they left immediately after their wedding, drove overnight, and were in such bad shape time wise to get Bob to his new job, that they couldn’t stop for longer than a few minutes, even if it meant giving the kids some time out of the car and to really say goodbye to their animals.

Those poor children. No wonder Shadow was so determined to get back to Peter. His parents aren’t looking out for him at all.

This seriously bothers me more every time I watch it. Despite my issues with the humans, it’s still a great movie. I just wish I wasn’t watching it for the fiftieth time this year.




2 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Homeward Bound

  1. I loved this movie, too. Of course, I love just about anything with talking animals. Don’t get me started on The Adventures of Milo and Otis. I agree with you about the premise – someone didn’t think this through. Have you listened to the Grease soundtrack since you became someone’s mom? Don’t. I loved Grease in high school and then I listened to it again with a tween in the car and I just can’t do it – something about all the sex talk.

  2. Yeah, most movies have changed drastically since I became a mom. Greece most of all because I remember watching it in DAYCARE when I was five or six years old. I didn’t think anything of it at the time because I didn’t get any of it, but oh my gosh! If that was my daughter’s school….

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