Pick Your Valentine!

As usual, Aphrodite has plenty to choose from. Check out these simply divine profiles and vote on your favorite.  Whoever is leading in the polls at 5:00 PM EST has a date with you, dear reader by way of an all new scene featuring that character and a live Q&A.

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A rebellious demigod who knows just how far to push the rules until they break. Tantalus Atreus is the gods gift to woman kind, so why not partake?

Name: Tantalus Atreus

S/N: @Tantalizeme

Age: I’m not picky.

Location: A little slice of paradise

Seeking: A good time

Stats: Average height, aurum (gold hair, eyes, skin and more ;), well built

What my ideal partner would be like: Fun. Flexible. Doesn’t get clingy.

 My idea of a perfect date: I’m always down for a party. The more the merrier.

 Best Feature: Charming.

 Biggest Turn off: Holier than thou types

 Interests: Games, politics, music

 Profession: Model


Are you looking for a supernatural Christian Grey who can keep you entertained all night long? Then is Poseidon the god for you!

Name: Poseidon

S/N: @Oceaneyes

Age: As old as the sea

Location: Somewhere beyond the sea

Seeking: Men, women, nymphs, species of the equine persuasion.

Stats:  Tall, blond, built like a god. What more could you want?

What my ideal partner would be like: Blonde, green eyed, petite equestrians.Would prefer an environmentalist. Someone who really cares about the earth.

 My idea of a perfect date: Long walks on the beach.

 Best Feature: Powerful

 Biggest Turn off: That would be hard to manage.

 Interests: Marine biology, surfing, water bending, horses

 Profession: Let’s just  go with upper management.

Version 2

Enjoy heated debates? Adonis has a strong sense of justice and an opinion about everything!

Name: Adonis Eros

S/N: @SocialJusticeWarrior29

Age: 19

Location: Miami, Florida

Seeking: Nothing. I just got out of a serious relationship.

Stats: Aurum, average height, average build.

 What my ideal partner would be like: Socially aware, outspoken, activist. I like a girl who speaks her mind and means what she says with no equivocation. Must have brain.

 My idea of a perfect date: Dinner and a movie

 Best Feature: I give a damn.

 Biggest Turn off: God-complexes.

 Interests: News, politics, the world around me. #staywoke

 Profession: Model


Still waters run deep in this surprising pacifist.

Name: Ares

S/N: @CryHavoc

Age: …is just a number

Location: Right in the thick of things

Seeking: Love

 Stats:  Tall, black hair, fiery eyes, built like a god. Likes leather.

 What my ideal partner would be like: Her.

 My idea of a perfect date: Dancing in the rain. Don’t knock it until you try it.

 Best Feature: I’m a great listener.

 Biggest Turn off: Jars.Don’t ask.

 Interests: Camping in the great outdoors. Adventure. Road trips. Fun.

 Profession: Soldier

Vote for your favorite!

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