Fave Friday: Litographs

I love these shirts. What they do is they take a story, and create a design using all the words in the book. Well, at least 50,000 of the words in the book.

I want to own them all. I’ve made a deal with myself that every royalty check I can get one (because otherwise I won’t pace myself at all and I’ll have a closet full of more shirts than I could wear). Here are my favorites by design and book. These aren’t a reflection of my favorite books represented on their site. I had to like the book AND the design for it to end up on my list.

Obviously mythology shirts made my list. Not only do I love the content, but it’s basically walking advertising. These shirts start conversations where I can slide in the fact that I write mythology retellings. Plus they look cool. The shirts are Bullfinch’s Mythology, The Odyssey, the Iliad, and the Aeneid.

There are a million different children’s stories I want from the site, but these are my top four. Alice in Wonderland, The Blue Fairy Book, Stories by Hans Christian Anderson, and the Princess Bride.

Miscellaneous. I love the way these look and I’m a huge fan of the actual books the text comes from. I already bought The Last Unicorn, Cinder is next on the list, Poems by Emily Dickinson is awesome on a lot of levels, and The Tempest has a really neat design.

Which one should I get next?

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