The Story Grid

I’ve talked extensively about outlining using  the Snowflake Method, but I wanted to share a great self-editing tool for after you finish the novel. And that’s called The Story Grid. The Story Grid is a book (get the physical version, the charts aren’t great in eBook), a podcast, a video series, and a super helpful website. Over the next few weeks, I’ll show you how I apply concepts from The Story Grid to my work using the most recent novel I took through the grid, Venus Rising. Spoilers will be hidden with links.

But first, an introduction from Shawn Coyne.

4 thoughts on “The Story Grid

  1. Thank you for this!! Timing is perfect, at least for me. And the website is super helpful (especially the sample Silence of the Lambs spreadsheets and genre sheet!) I’ve been listening to the Podcasts, which, unlike a lot of stuff out there, actually has something new to say. Thanks to Shawn and thanks for sharing, Kaitlin! – TCW

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