4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Persephone!

    • Gosh yes, I love the weather when it just starts to get warm (and not yet boiling).

      Bowey Chen you’ve con this contest. Would you please email me (Kaitlin (no space) bevis at gmail.com) your mailing address so I can mail your copy of Persephone?

  1. I just saw this and now I’m so upset lol! I love your books I think I’ve read this series 8 times over backwards and forwards please please please have more contests like this in the future!<3 And one quick question, will there ever be a short story or novella about Hades and Persephone and if she ever manages to adjust completely to the throne? I'm just so curious to see how it turned out. Thank you so much for writing, and I guess I should answer the original question since I'm here😂 my favorite thing is when you see the birds start to return because it means warm weather is on the way

    • Hi Morgan!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my books! And yes, I have contests like this every now and then. Keep an eye on my blog and newsletter for more opportunities to win!

      I have a short planned for Hades and Persephone once my publication schedule clears up a bit. Both characters will continue to show up in other books, so you’ll be able to see some development in that regard through the lens of other point of view characters throughout the series.

      I hate birds, lol. They remind me of tiny dinosaurs, and I swear they look at me with murder in their eyes. But I do enjoy warm weather :D.

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