Things that I do when I should be writing

I am working through my page proofs for Venus Rising. Theoretically, this is the easiest part of the publication process. All I’m supposed to do is read through and make sure there are no formatting glitches. It’s too late to change content, the copy edits are finished, this is just a last look through.

But it’s the last look through! If I  miss something now there’s no going back. Everyone will see the mistake in print.

So…I’m procrastinating. It’s amazing the things that feel like they must be done right now when you have work you’re nervous about doing. Here’s the last few things that my brain has demanded must be accomplished now.

  1. Writing this blog.
  2. Getting organized for girl scouts next year by researching all the possible brownie badges, figuring out how many meetings to dedicate to each, and setting a calendar complete with lesson plans for each troop meeting for the 2017/2018 school year. (OMG, I am officially crazy)
  3. Send long, rambling emails detailing my plans to the poor, unfortunate adults from my daughter’s brownie troop.
  4. Consider ways to improve my daughter’s school. Do they know there’s an eclipse coming on a school day in August? Maybe I should connect them with this business that sells really cute, cheap, eclipse glasses. Maybe the eclipse should be a PTA event.
  5. Write up detailed plans and send them to the unfortunate members of administration and PTA
  6. Consider all that’s wrong in the world and how it could be fixed. Write long, rambling letters filled with ideas and plans to all the appropriate politicians.
  7. My house should probably be clean.
  8. Groceries would also be good.
  9. You know, Bella’s room should be reorganized. When was the last time she played with this? Let’s list everything for sale on craigslist.
  10. Realize a lot of these toys are educational and could be used in fun learning activities. Come up with a detailed summer curriculum and schedule for my daughter by researching all the fun events happening in Athens, all the camps we’re considering, travel plans, and academic skills.

Someone send help….


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