The Rape of the Lock

I like Alexander Pope. He’s sarcastic and funny and doesn’t take any crap. He wrote one of my favorite poems. It’s short so I’ll just show you.
Epigram, engraved on the collar of a dog which I gave to his Majesty.
I am his highness dog, at Kew
Tell me sire, whose dog are you?


Anyway, so I spent my whole life thinking The Rape of the Lock was about a lock and a key.
Think about it.
But it turns out it’s about a lock of hair. This guy cut a lock of hair off some rich chick, and to stop capulet and moteque retribution, Pope wrote the story in this mock heroic poem so everyone could see how stupid they were being. Belinda is priming for a day out are her sprites are dead set on protecting her hair from all harm. They fail when a man cuts a lock of her hair off and Belinda pitches a fit and demands it back. The hair is sent to the stars to become a constellation so all can look upon it and it’s never lost.

Seriously, it’s hysterical.


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