Second Set of Edits, done!

This has been such a busy week writing wise! I finished my second set of edits and sent them off to Musa. My book is ready for copy edits. When I get that done, it just has to be uploaded as a final version and then it’ll be ready to send out advanced reader copies. I finished answering all my interview questions for my upcoming blog tour. I’ll post the dates and info on that a bit closer to my release date. I sent my press release out to all the local newspapers. Now I just need to get a list of the local radio stations and send it to them.

Daughter of the Earth and Sky has gone through several drafts, two of them have gone through my writers group. One of the few drawbacks to having SO many people look at your book is that you get a lot of different grammar advice, so one of the people in my writers group is taking a last look at my story to make sure A. all the changes make sense, and B. my grammar is consistent throughout. Then that story will be submitted to Musa and I can start this whole process over again.

I already have my tagline for the sequel. Some vows can never be broken. I’ll worry about my blurb after my story is released. I’ve heard middle trilogy blurbs are horribly hard to write because you don’t want to post spoilers for your first story and ruin it for people who haven’t read it, but you still need to put what it’s about.

I’ll cross that bridge later. I’m glad to be done with edits, but I don’t get people who don’t like edits. I LOVE them. My books get so much better with feedback. There’s so much that’s crystal clear in my head, that doesn’t really make sense to anyone else.

All thats left to do this week writing wise is work on book 3. Wish me luck.

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