Fortune Cookies

My husband got an awesome fortune cookie today. It said “you will perform very well on a test, which will lead to a more positive outlook and financial relief. My husband is in the middle of a series of tests which could lead to paychecks, so this was a surprisingly relevant and very welcome fortune cookie.

Bella’s fortune said she had a secret admirer. She probably does. My toddler is a shameless flirt.

My fortune, “Discontentment and anger breeds change in a nation.” fantastic, so we’re going to war soon? I’ve got a bad history with fortune cookies. That got me thinking about a place I used to eat at when I lived in Columbus. I don’t remember the name of the actual restaurant. But it should have been called the creepy fortune place.

My first fortune there was blank. Cause that’s not ominous. My second one was a bit more direct.

“live today, because you won’t tomorrow.”

Yeah, I was eager to leave my home the next day. Let me tell you.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Okay, maybe a bit less ominous on the heels of the other two, but still!

And the last one before I got the hint and started frequenting restaurants with happier fortunes, “Enjoy your life while it lasts.”

Anyone else got a great/creepy fortune to share?

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