It’s a small world…


I cannot believe this happened. It’s too funny! In an effort to perfect my daughters Halloween costume (yes, I plan ahead, and?) I have been searching for the perfect rapunzel crown. Disney, who is generally great at marketing, just hasnt released one that looks remotely like the one from the movie. It’s not a huge deal, but if I’m shelling out money for a toy crown, I’d rather it look like the right one.

I found this picture on google images. Finally! The right crown, but i couldn’t find a place to order it online. So Isent it to some friends who live near Disney stores. One of these friends live in California, and visited her Disney store this weekend. When she showed the picture to the guy behind the register he burst out laughing.

“What?” She asked.
“That’s my picture. That’s my hand and that door.”

Turns out, this random guy in a California Disney store took a picture in 2010 at the disney store, posted it somewhere online and never thought of it again.

In 2012 I found it attached to a wiki about tangled. Not from this guy. The photograph traveled across space and time and eventually landed right back where it came from.

Crazy small world.

Unfortunately, this crown is no longer made by Disney. So all that small world was and the search was moot.

Oh well.

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