POV Issues

So I’m writing the third Persephone book and hit a huge roadblock. POV. For reasons I can’t get into here without some major spoilers about book two, the book demands a split point of view.

Point of view is the person telling the story. My stories are generally first person, and Persephone and Daughter of the earth and sky are both narrated by Persephone. Book three required Persephone AND someone else. My plan was to use Hades.

I loved writing from Hades’ point of view. It’s fantastic being in his head, mostly because it’s SUCH a different voice. We’ve seen him only from Persephone’s point of view and she interprets some of the things he does differently than how he intends them. But there were a couple of issues writing from his perspective.

It’s hard enough to channel a man. I’ve got another book I’m working on that has a dual POV between a girl and a boy, so I thought I could manage. But there’s a big difference between a teenage boy, and a God that’s been around for all eternity. I found myself second guessing everything. Would he care about this? Would he react like that? Your characters can only be as mature as you are, and lets face it, if channel teenage girl a better than ancient and wise god there’s probably a reason for that.

Plus I’m getting reviews and fan mail (yes, I have gotten fan mail, 😀 how awesome is that) talking about how awesome Hades is. He’s been nominated for hottest supernatural hunk on goodreads. I don’t want to mess him up. Right now he’s appealing and nice and romantic. Book three is already way darker because of events I can’t delve into. And while writing angry Hades makes me ridiculously happy, it’s different reading it through the lens of Persephone and being in his head.

So I’m experimenting with a different gods point of view. You won’t meet her until book two, and she might not be very well liked due to the events of book two, but she offers an entirely new perspective. One that isn’t so Persephone- centric.

Plus my readers should get used to her because she’s narrating the next trilogy. The series is called DaughterS of Zeus after all.

8 thoughts on “POV Issues

  1. When I write fiction, I find it more difficult to write from the male POV. And I can imagine how difficult it would be to write from an immortal male POV. I love Hades, but we are seeing him from Persephone’s perspective … I would love to get inside his head. That would be a blast!

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