Top 10 Tuesday: Older Books

Older books I don’t want anyone to forget about:

YA books were around before Harry Potter. Granted, these are mostly children’s books because I was eleven when Harry Potter came out. But my point is, I loved to read YA before it took off, and these authors and books are the reason why.

1) Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

Product DetailsThis is, without a doubt, the best children’s book ever written. I love it. The movie was awful, but everyone should read this book before they die.

2) The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C Wrede

Product DetailsI’m counting the days until my daughter is old enough for me to read this book series out loud to her. It’s a hysterical twist on a princess and dragon story. I read the fourth book of this series first, and in many ways I’m glad because I think the fourth book was much less depressing for me than it should have been.

3) The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper

Product Details

This was another series read out of sequence, and I’m glad. I don’t think the first two books are very strong compared to what came next. Fantastic series though

4) Aliens ate my Homework by Brice Coville

Product Details

Actually my favorite of this series is My teacher flunked the planet. I remember thinking how deep this story was because it talked about real issues like world hunger.

5) Forbidden Games by L.J Smith

Product Details

A very different take on the Persephone/Hades myth that influenced me at a very young age. Actually, everything by L.J Smith influenced me a ton as a writer. Her stuff was amazing. It may not look all that impressive now, but you have to understand how much YA as a genre has changed since the early 90’s. The entire genre evolved and this author is part of the reason why.

6) Scary StoriesProduct Details

I remember having sleepovers with friends dedicated to reading these books. Some of the stories were pretty lame, but some still give me nightmares.

7) Fear Street by R.L Stine

Product Details

Classic series, you can’t forget about Fear Street


8) So you Want to be a Wizard by Diane Duane

Product Details

This series is still amazing. Everyone should read it. Again, huge influence on my writing.

9) The Immortals by Christopher Pike

Product Details

This had a HUGE impact on my vision of the Greek Gods as a child. I should also throw in his Last Vampire Series as an honorable mention.

10) The Witch’s Sister by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Product Details

Scariest series I ever read as a child

11) Sweet Valley Twins/babysitter’s club/ full house book series

I’m going over my 10 because these books, formulaic as they were, set the groundwork for YA today. I loved the scary versions

13) Enders Game

Product Details

sci-fi classic. Everyone should read it

14) Judy Bloom Books/ Caroline B Cooney

These books were always right next to each other in the library, so they don’t separate well in my head. But again, laying the groundwork for YA today, and good books.

15) Bunnicula

Product Details

my first scary story

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