Character Interview with Hades and Persephone

These fun interview questions were written by Martha. It was my first “live” interview and it was a blast! You can see the interview where it was originally posted, here:
Character Interview with Hades & Persephone!


Welcome Persephone and Hades to booksbooks&morebooks! I am very stoked to have you both here with me to answer a few questions. I loved your story of love, coming into your own and life in the Underworld.
Now Hades lets start with you. When you figured out that Persephone was in danger from those very evil souls, what was the first thing that crossed your mind?
Hades (souls): The very first thing? I had to save her. I was worried she’d get hurt and I was afraid I wouldn’t get there in time. I don’t get scared very often. Pretty much never until I net her. And as weird as it is, that made me mad. I knew I had to save her of course, but she had the whole Underworld to roam safely and she ends up in Tartarus? It’s literally the only place in the entire Underworld that she could get hurt.
That makes sense. It’s hard keeping a stubborn person out of danger. *cough cough* Persephone!
Now Hades, why did you think that making Persephone your wife would be the best way to keep her away from Boreas’ reach? Was that really the only reason at the moment or was there another reason? *Quizzical face*
I don’t know. I think about that a lot. On the one hand I didn’t exactly have a lot of time. Boreas’ last victim nearly drowned herself in the Lethe trying to escape the memories of what he did to her. Persephone wouldn’t have had the luxury of dying. Cassandra told me what was happening and taking her to the Underworld was the easiest way to make sure she was out of harms way. My “plan” was just to pop up to the surface and evaluate the situation. Had it not been her… I don’t know, I might have tried harder to find another way.
Persephone: but even in retrospect, there wasn’t another way. I’m not exactly complaining about the arrangement.


Hehehehe I wouldn’t mind either Persephone. *blushes*
So Persephone how does it feel to be married to the Hades? I mean he’s the master of the Underworld. And at so young an age?
Hades: Marriage with the gods is mostly political. It’s not like–
Persephone: We’re not– I mean we haven’t– Erm what I mean is–
Hades: there’s a pretty significant age difference–
Persephone: I guess you could say its weird. It’s really really weird. We’re kind of figuring this out as we go.


*trying not to laugh* Ohhk.
Persephone describe Hades.


He’s not what I expected…
Hades: *groans* thank the gods, what was it you said? Something about expecting me to be all disfigured and twisted like my dark and evil soul?
Persephone: you were supposed to have flaming blue hair too. But I don’t just mean the way he looks, which incidentally… Wow!
Hades: *grins*
Persephone: he’s also really full of himself. Its pretty annoying. But He’s nice. He cares about people. He works really hard to make the underworld nice for the souls and he cares about his friends…. He’s gone above and beyond for me, and he’s honest. I mean beyond the not being able to lie thing. I trust him. Absolutely.
Trust is very important! Especially when two people are married. Now Hades it’s your turn. Describe Persephone. Be honest now.
Well she’s blonde, about five foot, has green eyes, and wears lots of skirts.
-.- very descriptive Hades. No really what is Peraephone like?
She’s… I don’t know, good. Better than the lot of us anyhow. She cares about people, not how she can best use them, and I don’t have to try to interpret everything she says. She’s like… light or air or something necessary. I can’t imagine– anyway, you get the idea.


Hades and Persephone. This question is for the both of you: what is next? What is going on with you two at the moment?
Hades: We’re going to be pretty busy dealing with… Something we’ve just discovered
Persephone: *under her breath* you have no idea…
Hades: I don’t want to go into too many details, but that… Project is going to take precedence over anything else.
O.O ahhhh I’m so excited! And very intrigued!
Thank you Hades and Persephone for answering my questions! I hope to read more from you two soon.
Thanks! 🙂

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