Top Ten Tuesday: Least favorite characters

Top 10 Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and the Bookish:

This week, my least favorite characters.

1) Bella Swan. I like the Twilight books, I do. But I HATE Bella Swan with a passion. It’s no reflection on the author. She’s a very realistic character. So realistic that I knew someone just like her. She’s SO passive and needy. I wrote an article on truu about how Twilight would be a great way to talk to teens about co-dependent relationships.

2) Sturm Brightblade from Dragonlance. He’s such a kill joy.

3) The adults in the Percy Jackson books. I know the humor in the stories is what makes it relatable to the middle grade audience, but I feel like every time the book is getting really interesting some adult character says or does something so off the wall and weird that it pulls me right out of the story. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that book series, and it an amazing example of great writing. I think it’s just a consequence of not being the intended audience.

4) Shay from Uglies. Ugh, I can’t even get into it. Uglies is one of my favorite series, I just hate Shay.

5) Faye from Secret Circle. I reread these books recently and could not believe how much this character annoyed me. I mean seriously, Cassie’s house is actively burning down with her mother trapped inside and Faye decides that’s a great time to shout out that Cassie kissed Diana’s boyfriend? How self involved do you have to be? Furthermore, really? The rest of the group bothered to listen to anything she was saying at that moment?

Everyone should read that book series though, it’s fantastic.

6) The main character from The Forest of Hands and Teeth, I don’t remember her name, but I remember actively hating her. She pretty much gets everyone in the book killed so she can swim in the ocean.

7) The dog from Parker Blue’s “Bite me” series. I might have actually liked the dog had it’s telepathic mind link dialogue format not be SET TO ALL CAPS. It’s a talkative character and I was so distracted by it SCREAMING at me throughout the second book that I couldn’t finish it. Love the first book in the series though.

8) The principal from Matilda. There are certain books and movies I’ll never again be able to watch because I’m a mother. Matilda is one of them.

9) Mr. Darling from Peter Pan.

10) Caroline from Vampire Diaries, the book version, not the show.

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