Well, it finally happened. My book was put on a ton of pirate sites. I’ve sent take down notices and they seem to have been removed for now, but I’m really upset by this turn of events.

I really hate thieves. Stealing is wrong and pirating a copy of a book, is stealing make no mistake. I’ve heard people justify piracy in a variety of ways, which is stupid, because stealing is stealing, but even if these reasons did make it okay, they don’t apply to my book.

Reason number one: “I already own the print book, I shouldn’t have to pay twice for the content”

No you don’t. I write ebooks.

Reason number two: “It’s no different from borrowing from a library.”

Yes it is, libraries buy copies of the book. I’m actually available in libraries courtesy of overdrive. If you want a copy of my book but can’t afford it, check it out there, or find a friend with amazon lending. That’s legal, unlike stealing.

Reason 3, my personal favorite: these writers make so much money anyway and/or writers barely make anything off commission so really I’m just taking from the publisher.

Okay, I’m a new writer. Downloading a free copy of my book is the equivalent of robbing a mom and pop store that’s struggling to stay in business next to Walmart.

Incidentally, I’m not being published by the big six. My publisher is very new and very small. So I’m pissed, not only on my behalf, but on behalf of the entire staff that was stolen from because those people are my friends. I know every employee within my publishing house. They aren’t rich. They feel the loss just as keenly as I do. Hear that user “Rayz” from the pirate sites. That huge batch of books you just uploaded with your comment “Merry Christmas” hurt a ton of people. You should be ashamed of yourself you miserable excuse for a human being.

Stepping off my soap box now.

6 thoughts on “Piracy

    • Thanks Martha.
      Ugh, I’m just so mad that sites like that are allowed to exist. I mean, the owners know, they have to know on some level that if they legally have to provide a link to a DMCA take down notice that maybe, just maybe they are encouraging copyright violation

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