Top Ten Tuesdays: New to me authors

Top Ten Tuesdays is hosted by This weeks top ten are my favorite authors I discovered in 2012.

1) Christopher Moore. He’s hysterical. I seriously love everything he’s ever written. He wrote Fool and Lamb. I think I’d read him in 2011, but I didn’t buy anything by him until 2012, so I can’t be sure.

2) James Dashenr of the Maze Runner Series

3) S.G Rogers. She wrote Tournament of Chance, which I really enjoyed.

4) Margaret Lesh who wrote Normalish

5) Linda Benson who wrote Six Degrees of Lost and Walking the Dog

6) Dusty Crabtree of Shadow Eyes fame

7) Stephen Chobsky of The Perks of Being a Wallflower

8) Melissa Groeling of Traffic Jam

9) I spent every waking minute until October reading classics to study for the GRE lit test, so while this last writer isn’t new to me, I discovered her in a new way. Charlotte Bronte. I love Wuthering Heights. Love, love love it. Also love the mini series from BBC

10) and not a book but TV shows have plots, Battlestar Galactica. Great show. Strange ending

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