Couch to 5k- running from zombies

Persephone started couch to 5k in the Underworld about the same time I started it on the surface (crazy coincidence, that). I’m really glad I gave this program a shot. Basically, how couch to 5k works is you download the app, or set a timer, and run/walk for thirty minutes. The further along in the program you are, the more you run and less you walk.

From the get go it’s great excerise. You start walking for a minute and a half and running for one minute.

I started couch to 5k for similar reasons as Persephone. She wanted to be able to run away from people that meant her harm.

I wanted to run away from zombies.

Yeah, I’m actually serious. Zombies terrify me. So do pod people. I think it’s the vast, hopeless them against us numbers. I can rationalize away a serial killer. What are the odds one would come after me?

Global disaster? I live in Georgia, it’s typically the safe zone in climate/tornado/earthquake horror things. Besides, if you get wiped out in a disaster it’s quick. You can’t watch it chasing you.

But zombies… that’s a whole different thing. You don’t die fast. You die a slow death getting chewed on. And they come after everyone.

I came to a sad conclusion about zombies a few years ago. I probably wouldn’t become part of that rag tag team of survivors. I’d probably get killed before anyone even realized there was a zombie invasion. I suck at running, even after couch to 5k, I still run at about the same speed as I walk, but one day…

I don’t have any special skills that would make me useful and thus necessary for the plot.

I don’t have inexplicably reappearing make up, or styled hair, even when there’s not an invasion. I don’t look like a zombie apocalypse provider if you catch my drift.

But my husband is another story. He’s fast, and has medical training, and is looking into becoming a police officer. So he might survive. If he survives than my daughter and I  have a shot at being a background character with no dialogue. Background characters need to be able to keep up, because no one notices when they’re left behind.

Hence couch to 5k.

I have found many tools to aid me on my outrunning zombies quest. I run with an app called Zombies, run! An audio adventure. While running I collect supplies to build up my base and get chased by zombies.

I also run in the run for your lives! Zombie apocalypse 5k every time it’s offered in Georgia.

It’s silly sure, but I’ll be ready…

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