Fave Friday: Zombies Run Radio Mode


I love Zombies Run. It’s by far the best running app out there. I’ve been a fan since they launched the premise on kickstarter (my name is in the survivor’s log, you know.)The story is great, the premise is entertaining, and I mean, come on. Zombies! You can read my review on the app and the 5k training app here.

Weirdly, Zombies Run is one of the top search terms leading people to my site, so in an effort to help out my fellow runners, I’m going to answer a question that’s gone unanswered on their facebook page and yahoo ask, and the zombies run wiki.

How long is radio mode?

First, I emailed the question to the support staff. Here was their answer.

Hi Kaitlin,

Thanks for getting back in touch.

I’m afraid we don’t have any hard and fast data on how long each Season of Radio Mode is, so I can only give you estimates. Seasons 2 and 3 are the longest, whereas Season 1 and 4 are of about equal length and shorter than Seasons 2 and 3. Currently Season 5 can be completed in between 1-2 hours, but this will increase once we add more clips.

There are approximately 8 hours total of Radio Mode content for Seasons 2 and 3, but that is an estimate on the low side, and also doesn’t account for the 2 minute gaps in between each clip. You would need to at least double this, probably treble it, to get the true length of Radio Mode when played through the app. Seasons 1 and 4 are about half that length, so roughly 4 hours uninterrupted, as a conservative estimate.

I hope that answers your question. If there’s anything else I can help with then please let me know.

All the best,


I’m really grateful to Lou for getting back to me, and that information was more than I had before, but if you’re like me, that’s not enough. I finished a season a few weeks ago and in the gap, I started listening to radio mode during my runs. But, I didn’t want it to end in the middle of my run. But with this answer, I was confident enough to get started knowing there would be many missions worth of content. Because of that, I can provide a more detailed answer. At least for season 1.

Quick review of season 1 Radio Mode. It’s not as motivating as the actual missions. No one is telling me to run faster or harder and no one’s dying. Earlier in the season, there were a lot of clips that were basically “That was a great song. Here’s the next one.” But  as the season found its stride,  I laughed out loud listening more than once (the sports bra quip was the best). Laughing is super awkward when you’re running, by the way. I enjoyed the stories toward the end and getting to know Jack and Eugine even better. Definitely listen if you’re a fan. No materials, but still worth the listen.


Season 1 radio mode lasted for 10 thirty-minute (estimated time, sometimes I went longer if a clip was still going, and today the actual radio mode ended at 29 minutes.) runs if you set it to 2 minutes between clips. I used an external music player, so my songs didn’t factor into that. Each run started and ended with a clip. I’ll break it down into more detail below. Hope this helps!

Run 1: 30:03 Minutes. 11 Clips Included: Testing; The Major Won’t Be Happy; Stay Away; Update Your Maps; More Music, More Chat; Pretentious; Technical Difficulties; Radio Abel Is Off Air; Getting Some Air; Public Service Content;

Run 2: 32:25 Minutes. 11 Clips Included: Misting Up; Happening Tune; Stay Safe; Reminders of Home; Small Caliber; Flashing the Quad; Tips from the Road; Quiet Is Key;  In a Post-Civilization World; Terrible B.O; Not Anymore.

Run 3: 30:29 Minutes. 10 Clips Included: Balanced Diet; Touch it And See; Zee-Bay; Clean, Dry Feet; Pretty Addictive; Drop Us a Line; Network Recovery Effort; ROFFLENET; Totally Moronic; Cool Story.

Run 4: 30:04 Minutes. 9 Clips Included: The Well Has Run Dry; Call For Equipment; Eugene’s Choice; Sing Along, Fever Dreams; Paging Dr. Freud; Full Upgrade; Robot Radio Abel; Priorities; Useful Starting Location.

Run 5: 35:29 Minutes. 11 Clips Included: Think Big; Thursday!; Indulgences; Money Where Your Mouth Is; Abel Minds; What are You Thankful For; What’s Your Weapon; Hopes for the Future; To the Doctor!; Water, Food, Fuel; Find It, Filter It, Boil It.

Run 6: 30:07 Minutes (The saddest/sweetest radio mode mission). 9 Clips Included:Committed to Your Entertainment; Brain Freeze; Tim Vine Jokes; A Mess Without You; Phreatic Aquifer; Thrunners; Emotionally Open Individual; No More Spam; Martyr

Run 7: 30:17 Minutes (The funniest radio mode mission). 9 Clips Included: Like You’ll Ever Forget; Alright; If You Want to Live; Martin!; Tyresias; Ben? Ben!; Father Michael; I Will Share My Evidence; Be Wary;

Run 8: 30:03 Minutes. 8 Clips Included: Erase You From My Mind;  Very Exciting; CookBook; Apology Song; Be Careful!; Survival Tips; Spatter; Standards; Mud.

Run 9: 30:36 Minutes. 11 Clips Included: Ear Present; A Mixed Bag; Twice a Day!; Eye Candy; Squidlet; No More Sports Bras; Ring; Resurrection; Brock Samson; Stay Strong; Lady Cluck.

Run 10: 29:00 Minutes of Radio Mode, 1 minute of music at the end. 6 Clips Included: Dark; This Zombie Life; This Zombie Life; This Zombie Life; This Zombie Life; This Zombie Life. ^ Not a typo, that’ what they were all called because it was the continuation of a story. Made for a great run.

So there you have it.95 Clips coming in at 300 minutes in total (though that will vary because a new clip starts every time you start and the spacing isn’t consistent). I hope this helps anyone with the same questions I had.


2 thoughts on “Fave Friday: Zombies Run Radio Mode

  1. Oh man, this Runner 5 from four-ish months later thanks you SO MUCH for this. This is absolutely invaluable. I just finished the “if you want to live” segment and I cannot stop grinning sappily. I love them all so much.

    Do you know if there are equivalents for other Radio seasons somewhere? I’m a few weeks off starting season two, and I’d gladly do a similar write up, if there was use for it.

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