Who would star in Persephone the movie?

This blog was originally posted on Jennifer’s website here:
Movie Casting for Persephone

I want my book to be a movie one day. What author doesn’t? Of course, I want it done right, like Harry Potter, not horrifically awfully wrong, like Ella Enchanted. It’s not that Ella Enchanted the movie was bad, it’s just that it was nothing like the book. I don’t say that as a disgruntled reader complaining because some details were left out. The entire plot was changed! There was no evil Uncle, no snake, no war. The physics of her curse… yeah, I digress.

Anyway, if my book were made into a movie, I would cast Skyler Samuels as Persephone. She was Chloe in the Nine Lives of Chloe King. She’s exactly how I picture Persephone. She’s cute, and fluffy, but can also kick ass. She’s a great actress, and definitely has the range to play Persephone as her character develops.

Hades was much tougher to cast. In fact, I still don’t know. He’s in a weird age bracket. He’s too old to let any of the teenage boy actors play him, but he can’t be too old. Whoever plays him needs to be able to make out with a sixteen year old actress without the audience feeling uncomfortable.

If that wasn’t a factor, I’d like David Guintoli to play him. He’s the perfect Hades. There was a scene in the season finale of Grimm where he had this look on his face that was so Hades that I had to pause it, take a screen shot, then try to put it into words for this scene in my second book.

Grace Phillips (also from the nine lives of Chloe King) would make a good Cassandra. Demeter is tougher to cast. I haven’t seen Lee Lee Sobiesky in anything recently, but she’s the right age and is a great actress.

Of course, IF my book is ever made into a movie, I’d likely have no influence over casting, but it’s fun to think about.

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