Top Ten Tuesday: Most annoying characters

Top Ten Tuesdays is hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Today’s topic is top ten most frustrating characters ever.

1) Bella Swan. I actually like the Twilight books, I just can’t stand the main character. That’s no reflection on Stephanie Meyer, Bella’s a very realistic character. She’s so realistic in fact that she reminds me of someone I know so well that I actually googled Meyer to see if there was some crazy chance she’s been inspired by this girl. So great characterization.

I hate Bella because she has NO sense of self-preservation and she’s full of herself. She throws herself into danger over and over again and it’s not brave. No one but her budding teenage relationship was threatened until near the end of book one. You don’t date boys who tell you they want you dead. Period.

But her internal dialogue is also annoying. She is SO negative. From what I can tell the kids at Forks reached out and tried to make her feel as welcome as they could and all she does is snark about how stupid they are. She leads Jacob on to an insane degree, and she’s not always nice to Charlie who might be one of my favorite characters ever. She’s also co-dependent to a dangerous degree. I’m not at all surprised the submissive protagonist from Fifty Shades is based on her.

2) Faye Chamberlin from Secret Circle.


Yet another ridiculously self-centered character. Let me set the scene. Cassie’s house is actively burning down. The circle has just pulled her catatonic mother, who by the way won’t so much as speak again for a book and a half, from the flames. It’s been awhile, but I believe her grandmother died. There are injured and shaken teens everywhere. And Faye figures now is a good time to rat Cassie out to Diana for kissing Adam. Right now. As Cassie’s home burns in the distance. Priorities.

3) Shae from Uglies.


Okay, so your best friend steals the guy you had your eye on. That sucks. You also realize she was (obviously unwillingly) working with Dr. Cable. In revenge, you basically enslave her to you and force her to submit to a surgery that mutates her body and warps her mind. Cause that’s fair.

4) David’s mom from Uglies.


I understand being upset about your husband. But the degree of verbal abuse you put Tally, a terrified child who has been raised to obey Dr. Cable, a woman who is actually engineered to be psychologically terrifying, is ridiculous. Especially considering how she risked her life to save your people twice. Talk about blaming the victim. That is inexcusable behavior for an adult. Much less a doctor.

5) Sabine from the Soul Screamers series. Yet another ridiculously selfish character. It’s unbelievable the things she demands or gets upset about.

6) Nate from the Soul Screamers Series.


I liked him until he lent Kayleigh’s body out to a demon and not gets pissy every time it gets brought up. I wasn’t cool with the attempted mind control rape. And I REALLY wasn’t cool with the fact that he gives her attitude for framing him for murder after she was killed and explains that she had to do it or her murderer was going to kill everyone else in her house.

7) The dog in the Bite me series by Parker Blue. I thought he was hysterical in book one, but I actually could not finish book two because of him, much less start book three. The author went from having him speak in italics (makes sense he uses telepathy) in book one, to ALL CAPS FOR ALL OF BOOK TWO to absolutely no quotes or anything for book three. It’s ridiculous. I either feel like he’s yelling or am not aware a conversation is taking place at all.

8) Kitiara from the Dragonlance series. Again, another incredibly selfish character.

9) the gods, bad guys, and every adult in the Percy Jackson series. I like the series, just really really hate how the authority figures are portrayed. The book is all good and serious until an adult comes on the screen then it’s silly jokes and very immature behavior.

10) it’s been awhile, but the protagonist of The Forest of Hands and Teeth. She’s crazy passive yet she still manages to get everyone killed so she can go swimming.

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