The Iron Queen is out and Other Exciting Announcements!

This didn’t post yesterday! I don’t know why, but here we go.

The Iron Queen has finally been released, which makes this my last contest for this release. Make your own spoiler. How do you want the story to end? What do you think/wish would happen to my characters next. Post it in a comment, and I’ll choose a winner at random Monday morning.


A copy of any one of my books, you pick.
Own them all? I have bookmarks coming in, their just paper bookmarks with my web banner on it and a blurb for Persephone on the back. I’d be happy to sign and send one to you.
Don’t want any scrap paper? You can win an audio book of Persephone that will be finished….. at some point. I’ll send it as soon as its available.

Other announcements

To answer the question many of you have been asking, no, this is not the end of the series. The next arc of the Daughters of Zeus series is a trilogy narrated by Aphrodite. The first, “Venus and Adonis” is being worked on right now 🙂 check the home page for updates.

Quick note: Book titles should be underlined, but for some reason wordpress underline hates me and keeps doing weird things like


, so…sorry.

Second announcement: Work on Persephone the audio book has begun! I’m so excited! Though I hate my voice, so I kind of feel bad for anyone who listens to it, lol.

Have fun with the contest!

4 thoughts on “The Iron Queen is out and Other Exciting Announcements!

  1. Obviously I want a happy ever after!

    :3 Kind of bummed if Melissa and Adonis don’t end up together {unless there’s a whole love triangle with Aphrodite, that could be interesting, aha}

    I want Zeus gone. Vanquished. Forever.

    I want Hades to remain beautiful and hilarious, with Persephone at his side ❤

    And I want Cassie to have a little happiness of her own! She seems to like her own company, but it would be awesome to see her paired up with a kick ass male version of herself 🙂

  2. First off, can I just say “The Iron Queen” was amazing? I loved it! I’m excited for the next installment.

    I’m a sucker for a happily ever after so, of course, that’s the direction I want it to go in. I think it would be really cool if Persephone and Hades had a kid. I’m not extremely familiar with mythology so I’m sure if that ever happened in the stories, but I just thought that would be a cool direction. Maybe follow that character.
    I also want Aphrodite to get a happy ending. She’s got three different guys going right now, so I’m interested to see how that road trip goes.
    Thank you for another spectacular read!

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